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imperio_mods [userpic]
by imperio_mods (imperio_mods)
at July 21st, 2006 (04:44 pm)

Wow...it's been a really long time.

Sorry about that wait...lots of stuff has been happening and it seemed like every time we got close to getting something done something else would happen.

So here we are now...getting things ready once again.

If you're still interested we'd love you have you.

I'll have a small timeline based off The Black Family Tree, and the rules up in the next few days. All that will be left then is knowing who is interested and what parts we need people for.

...that and I need to fix the messed up lj coding on stuff. *dies*

Wedge [userpic]
by Wedge (moon_glo)
at August 29th, 2005 (10:47 am)

current mood: chipper

If you're needing to update and/or age your character, try out hprpgicons. I post there from time to time and they're very helpful finding character icons for the HP RPGs. Lots of girls, very little guys, though.

And still, I can't find someone with wild hair AND glasses. *sigh*

imperio_mods [userpic]
The OOC community is friends only.
by imperio_mods (imperio_mods)
at July 18th, 2005 (08:31 pm)

The OOC community is friends only.


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